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Intercultural Communications, Inc. is a customer-oriented, woman-owned business. Since 1987, our mission has been to assist native and non-native business and medical professionals and their families to improve their professional performance and personal satisfaction by enhancing their communication skills in international languages and English. As an integral element in this development process, Intercultural Communications, Inc. is strongly dedicated to helping Americans and non-native speakers of English function more efficiently and effectively through deepening their understanding of the professional and social cultures of the United States and other countries.


Intercultural Communications Inc. has been recognized as a preferred provider by Bayer Corporation, Lanxess Corporation, and Covestro Corporation to enhance the cultural understanding and communication skills of their professionals and family members. Intercultural Communications, Inc. has also assisted corporate and medical professionals and families at Traco, CONSOL, Hitachi, Marconi, Marcegaglia, Matthews International, Minetek America, Mitsubishi, Wheeling-Nisshin, Tyk American, Inc., University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Allegheny Health Network, Duquesne University Small Business Development Center and other organizations. In addition to language acquisition and cross-cultural training, Intercultural Communications, Inc., assists participants to prepare professional papers for publication in highly respected professional journals and to deliver professional presentations at national and international conferences.


Instructors at Intercultural Communications, Inc. hold advanced degrees or degrees in international languages or English as a Second Language and are experienced in providing instruction to business and medical clients, professional and nonprofessional spouses or partners and their children.

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