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My professional journey began with teaching English to Soviet refugees who had relinquished outstanding careers as lawyers, doctors, musicians and scholars to seek freedom in a new land. Not only were these interactions personally and professionally rewarding, but they also awakened in me a deep interest in seeking to understand the infinite and intricate layers of culture and its impact on human interactions and relationships. 


After seven years supporting refugees from a wide variety of backgrounds, I became an English instructor at Bayer Corporation, where I assisted senior executives, their partners and children move from surviving to thriving in the American culture through enhancing their communication skills and moving toward multiculturalism. While continuing my work with Bayer Corporation, I founded Intercultural Communication, Inc., to enable my instructors and myself to provide similar services to many other corporations and health service organizations.


From neurosurgeons and cardiovascular surgeons to chief executive officers and senior vice presidents, I have learned the English language and cross-cultural communication challenges they and their families face during their international experiences. From my over twenty years of experience as a full-time faculty member at Duquesne University, I have learned best practices in language instruction and multi-cultural training for cultural awareness and understanding.  My passion is to share this understanding with my students as they simultaneously educate me in new cultural and language differences.




Bachelor of Arts, Washington & Jefferson College

French and English

Certification in Secondary Education in English and K-12 Certification in French


Master´s Degree of Arts, Carnegie Mellon University

English, Linguistics, and Curriculum Development





Intercultural Communications, Inc. 1995- present

Founder and Owner, Language instruction, cross-cultural training

Assistant professor, Duquesne University 2001 – present

English instructor, cross-cultural instructor, learning technology coordinator, speaking-listening curriculum coordinator


Bayer Corporation 1987-2001

English Instructor and Intercultural Consultant for Executives

Allegheny Intermediate Unit 1980 - 1987

English instructor for visiting scholars, students, and refugees




Business Consortium for International Language and Cultural Professionals


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