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Axel Gohl

Bayer Corporation, retired

Thank you, Cynthia, for your great help and support during our international transfer to the United States. Not only the sensitive English training for the whole family but also your empathetic support and cultural training of my wife and the children made our family’s transition from Germany to Pittsburgh

smooth and comfortable. Let me say it this way: Even after many years, we remain friends. I believe this is the best compliment to you as a person and a teacher.

Regina Freytag

As a German expat wife I have had the privilege of taking English second language lessons from Cynthia. First of all, she made us feel welcome to the states. My very rusty school English had to be freshened up, so I thought. Cynthia not only taught us American English, she always found interesting issues to talk about. This way she made us familiar with American customs and behavior. She was always very well prepared and had a very sophisticated knowledge about the American history and politics.

We even joined some Townhall Speeches and afterwards we had (group) discussions about the subjects.

She made learning fun (even grammar!)

Each student can be happy to have Cynthia as teacher

Dr. Michael Grosche

Bayer AG, retired

Dr. Sandra Joppen - Hellwig

Stadt Krefeld

When our family moved to the US with an infant and a three-year-old, Cynthia not only helped me improve my English and develop an understanding of the American culture but also found an excellent teacher for our toddler to help her prepare for preschool. I am thankful for Cynthia's professional skills and flexibility in adjusting to our individual needs and providing each of us with just the right input and help to succeed.

Ruediger Schmidt

My wife and I with our three children came to the US. We all had different English language skills and knowledge of the US culture. Cynthia was assigned our language teacher and culture coach. We really enjoyed learning from her. She has a deep knowledge of the English language and the US culture. She has great talent to pass her knowledge on to the adults as well as the children. She has plenty of patience and a wonderful set (of skills) to teach. We all learned a lot from her. She made it much easier for us to be successful in our professional lives and in school

When I relocated from Europe to the USA for a management position at Bayer, Cynthia Lennox served as the language instructor for my wife and me.  Although we spoke English when we arrived, we needed more training to improve our fluency and to understand the nuances of the language.  Cynthia taught us to speak better English through well organized lesson plans that focused on grammar, figures of speech, conversation practice and specific assignments in technical areas and everyday scenarios such as shopping, working with repair services, dealing with teachers for our children etc.  Moreover, she integrated explanations in her instruction of typical cultural expectations in the USA, such as behavior at social and sporting events, business meetings and day to day interactions with our neighbors.  In addition to her language teaching capabilities, Cynthia has a unique ability to focus on her clients' needs by customizing her instruction. I am grateful to Cynthia for making our several years in the USA successful and enjoyable, both by improving our English and providing a clear understanding of how business and social practices in the USA differ from those in my native Germany.  Cynthia Lennox has my highest recommendation as an English language instructor and as a consultant to support businesses and their employees from abroad when they relocate to the USA.

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